Welcome to evolutionbikes.ie Irelands number 1 store for electric scooters, bikes and hoverboards. Electric scooters are a relatively new phenomon and we believe that they are the solution to many of the worlds cities problems. Issues such as traffic congestion and traffic pollution are huge issues in many of the worlds cities today. By using an electric scooter not only are you taking traffic off of the busy roads but you are also cutting down on your own carbon footprint. Not only that but it will save you money on fuel and/or public transport. Electric scooters are not only the future but they are now the present and we have done our best to make the best brands in the electric scooter world as affordable as possible.

You can now get a top of the range electric scooter from major brands like Ninebot (Segway) and Xiaomi for approx €500. This is cheaper than a mid – high tier bicycle and it is a practical way to commute to work. Our electric scooters all come with folding technology which means that the scooter can be folded in jus 3 seconds. You can then put it in the boot of your car or a taxi or even carry it on to the bus or luas and continue the rest of your journey.

Our electric scooters for adults will allow you to travel a range of 20 – 30 kms depending on the model you choose and they also come with built in lights for night time travel. Our scooters also come with a smart app so you can view the details of your journey such as distance traveled, speed and also monitor your battery levels. Speaking of battery levels our scooter batters charge in just 3 -5 hours again depending on the model you choose. The smart app also comes with an anti theft feature so the wheels will not work when this feature is activated. In saying that the scooters only weigh between 8 – 12kg so you can easily fold them up and bring them with you anywhere so no need to leave them out on the street where they could potentially be robbed.

Why we are Ireland’s fastest growing electric scooter store:

  • Irish owned and run
  • Best prices in Ireland
  • Quality range of electric scooters
  • 1 year warranty on all products
  • Premium brands such as Ninebot & Xiaomi
  • SSL secure website
  • Fast & Free shipping nationwide

Feel free to browse our full range of electric scooters and if you have any questions just send an email to sales@evolutionbikes.ie and we would be more than happy to help out.